Terms of Service

Welcome to the terms of service page for Mythical Bot List and Mythical Server list ("MBL", "Mythical Bots", "MSL", "Mythical Servers").

Any behaviour that is a violation towards Mythical Bots and Mythical Servers could lead to an website ban, server ban, and or report to Discord. Please makesure you follow these Terms of Service (ToS) in order to stay on the safe side of Mythical Bots and Mythical Servers.


(A) Discord members can use any Mythical bots & servers websites. However you mustn't violate the Discord ToS and use any inappropriate/offensive language on our advertising platform. If you suppose to have any inappropriate language used on your profile description, bots description or brief description. Your bots page would be removed from our website and your profile description would be removed immediately once seen by a staff. If your bot for whatever reason spams on our API server-count. Your bots server count token would be reset only once by a member of staff. If your bot proceeds to spam on our API server-count again your bot would be restricted from our API.

(B) When bot developers apply their bot to our website, they are agreeing that their actions are held accountable for any misuse. When applying for bot verification, a staff member has the option to either join the support server for the bot to inspect its surroundings and how the staff are treating the members. If a member of staff reject the bot from its verification with the reason regarding the staff has been badly treated or are not happy with how the server respects the users. Bot developers cannot argue back as once the bot is on MBL. Mythical Bots has its rights to take action against your bot (on our services).


Your private information is safe with us in Mythical Bots or Mythical Servers. However you are also responsible for any informaiton leaking of your bots private information. Mythical Bots take no responsibility for any loss of information or any leaks. If you believe that your API token for your discord bot has been leaked or discovered. Please reset your API token or contact staff immediately about resetting the token for you.


Mythical Bots & Mythical Servers may contain links redirecting to a different website. Mythical Bots & Mythical Servers are not responsible for where you are redirected. However if you are a bot developer on our site and your bot is registered to Mythical Bots. Your bots website link is not allowed to be redirected to any Grabify or any ID tracking links before redirecting to the official bots website. Any abuse to our URL system by bot developers may lead to a permanent ban from Mythical Bots and/or Mythical Servers.