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Idle Bots Announcement

Chelutu Bot

Bot Info
  • Status: Approved
  • Prefix: chel!
  • Owner(s): G1cu#1122
  • Bumps: 6

Invite The Bot



Autorole: chel!autorole <role id [--bots]|--clear>
Sets a default role for new members (or bots)

Avatar: chel!avatar [user]
Shows yours or someone's profile picture in full size

Botinfo: chel!botinfo
Shows information about me

Help: chel!help
Sends you a message with all of my commands

Knowyourmeme: chel!knowyourmeme [meme]
Shows information about a meme from KnowYourMeme

Osu: chel!osu <id or username>
Shows an osu! profile

pokedex: chel!pokedex <pokémon name>
Shows pokedex's information about a pokémon.

Roleids: chel!roleids
Shows the IDs of the server's roles

Roleinfo: chel!roleinfo <@mention|role id|role name>
Shows information about a specific role.

Serverinfo: chel!serverinfo
Shows information about the server

Stoptyping: chel!stoptyping
Use this if The bot is typing forever

Tmdb: chel!tmdb <film/tv show name>
Displays the overview of a film/tv show

Topgames: chel!topgames
Shows the most played games in the server.

Weather: chel!weather <zone or location>
Sends over the forecast for the zone specified.