Discord Simplified

Bot Info
  • Status: Approved
  • Prefix: ds!
  • Owner(s): Jiaer#0001

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What is Discord Simplified?

Discord Simplified is a multi-purpose bot that makes your server fun and enjoyable, while at the same time gives staff members an easy time doing moderation and information gathering.

What can Discord Simplified bring you?

Discord Simplified can bring your staff easy to use moderation commands, auto moderation logging, embed makes, and a changeable prefix. It can also bring you members fun commands, like memes or animal pictures. We are constantly updated, so new features are to come!

Invite Discord Simplified to make your life on discord much, much more eaiser and enjoyable!\

Some of major commands:

ds!help - Shows all our commands.

ds!set-prefix - Sets a prefix for a server.

ds!say - Says something. Everyone/Here pings are disabled in order to prevent raids.

ds!invite - Shows links to invite Discord Simplified.

ds!warn - Warns a user. This DMs the user they have been warned and a reason.

ds!play - Plays a URL.

If you need extra information on any command, just do ds!help .