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Bot Info
  • Status: Approved
  • Prefix: $ (customizable)
  • Owner(s): reb#0069
  • Bumps: 3

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What is Affiliate+?

It is an automated advertiser bot that could get your server hundreds and even thousands of members in just a matter of days or weeks!

How does this work?

People would earn coins by joining into your server. These coins would be used to buy ads and you know the drill.

There is a bumping/auto-partnership system where your server gets posted on all servers the bot is on! Epic, isn’t it?

And there’s more!

It has an anti-alts feature that would prevent new accounts from joining your server through the bot’s command feature!

And there’s something even better!

It would make your server ACTIVE yes! You are not dreaming, an active server. The bot utilises its feature to provide such amazing experience for the server owner.

It would provide additional bonus coins to those people who have joined your server by talking and chatting! And don’t worry, the bot wouldn’t count exploitations such as spamming, emoji shenanigans, etc!

There is also an AI chatbot, inbuilt, so that you, or any server member can enjoy chilling with the bot!

What are you waiting for? Your soon to be more wonderful servers awaits you!

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