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Mortal Bot

Mortal Bot

Here comes a Bot named Mortal Bot which can easily Moderator your server.

Features - Moderation, Fun Commands, Memes, Google, YouTube, Anti Links, Welcomer, Ticket Commands, Utility Commands like Barcode and QR Code Generator and much more!

Website - Click Here

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Here are list of some general Commands :-

+help - Shows All Available Commands.

+ping - Shows the Bot's Ping.

+invite - Shows the Bot Invite Link.

+qrcode - Generates a QR Code with the Given Text.

+barcode - Generates a Barcode with the Given Text.

+suggest - Sends the suggestion to the Bot Developer.

+upvote - Shows the Links where the Bot can be Upvoted.

We have Much More commands including Ticket System, Moderation Commands, Utility Commands, Welcomer Commands, Social Commands and much more!