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CODED BY Solar#6173 (Im am an owner though) LOOTBOT is an ECONOMICS bot including but is DEFINITELY not limited to: -DESTROYING DREAMS Destroy your enemies hopes and dreams with your dog. -LOSE IT ALL Lose all your money that you grinded hours for. -TRAINING Train your dog to level it up, and get more overpowered -DRUGS Overdose and abuse a variety of drugs, giving you powers that don't make sense. -SHOOTING Pew Pew Shoot up people and steal their money with a variety of types of weapons and attacks -FREE MONEY (YOU LIKE MONEY RIGHT?) Get FREE money from briefcases & Crates -STRIKE IT RICH Enter the lottery and gain even more money -DONT LIKE SLEEP? NEITHER DO WE You can grind your farm, dog, and do other things all night long, procrastinating all school and work stuff! -GAMBLING YOUR LIFE AWAY Gamble your money in blackjack, slots and coinflip -STATS&PROFILES Check yourself out with the profile system, viewing your donator stats, command usage and more