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Bot Info
  • Status: Verified
  • Prefix: n!
  • Owner(s): Jarvo#0001
  • Servers: 281
  • Bumps: 5

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Hey there!

Nitronix, the multifunctional Verified Discord bot is the most powerful bot on Discord. With over 350 commands, we are moderating your server, and ensuring the safety of all your members!

We support over 22 modules you can use. A few of them (The most used) are listed below.
🔨 Moderation 🔨
🌐 Utility 🌐
🕹 Gambling 🕹
💵 Economy 💵
🔨 Configuration 🔨

Well, we hope we can make your server grow with one of these 😃

We hope to see Nitronix soon in your server, and to make sure you will keep up to date, we have some resources for you who you can use.
Support: https://nitronixbot.org/server
Website: http://nitronixbot.glitch.me
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nitronixbot

See you soon!