That Bot

Bot Info
  • Status: Approved
  • Prefix: % and @mention (customizable)
  • Owner: That Guy#5275
  • Last Bumped: 3 hours ago
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Prefix: % and @mention (customizable)

Moderation Commands

Command Description Usage
%kick Kicks a member. %kick [username]
%ban Bans a member. %ban [username]
%mute Mutes a member. %mute [username]
%unmute Unmutes a member. %unmute [username]
%unban Unbans a member. %unban [username#1234]
%clear Clears the amount of messages that you filled in. %clear [amount]

Game Commands

Command Description Usage
%skin Displays the Minecraft skin of the player specified. %skin [username]
%head Displays the Minecraft head of the player specified. %head[username]

Other Commands

Command Description Usage
%prefix Changes the prefix of the bot. %prefix [prefix]
%setup Sets some things up. %setup
%ping Pings the bot. %ping
%uptime Displays the uptime of the bot. %uptime
%add Adds 2 numbers together. %add [number1] [number1]
%multiply Multiplies 2 numbers. %multiply [number1] [number2]
%hi Says hi to the bot. %hi
%8ball Gives responses like an 8ball. %8ball [question]
%info Gives info about a user. %info [username]
%drink Gives you a virtual drink. %drink
%food Gives you virtual food. %food
%heal Heals someone. %heal [username]
%murder Murders someone. %Murder [username]
%cat Gives a random cat gif/photo to lighten up the mood. %cat
%dog Gives a random dog gif/photo to lighten up the mood. %dog
%poll Creates a poll %poll [text]
%botinfo Gives info about the bot. %botinfo
%invite Sends you an invite link. %invite
%help Displays all the commands. %help

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