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  • Prefix: d! (customisable)
  • Owner(s): MacDue#4453
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The original (totally rewritten) Due from the real Due!

DueUtil adds RPG/roleplaying like elements to your server.
Server admins and ‘Due Commanders’ (a role) can create quests to fight, and weapons to use!
You can battle other players or quests and gain EXP, stats and cash rewards!


  • Create your own fierce quests and powerful weapons!
  • Slay the evil quests and reap the epic rewards!
  • Spend your well-earned money in a variety of shops!
  • Customize your profile with imposing themes, banners and backgrounds!
  • Battle with your friends, see who’s the strongest and claim the title of Top Dog!
  • Wager others, and become rich!
  • Climb the leaderboard by grinding your way to the top, and become the ultimate player!

Easy setup guide!

Step 1: If you haven’t already, type d!register to create your unique due profile
Step 2: Create your first weapon d!createweapon "Dagger" "stabs" 10 28.5%
Step 3: Create your first quest d!createquest "Slime" 1.3 2 1.1 32
Step 4: Enjoy the thrill of the grind! :D

Once you’re ready explore d!help for more commands and examples on how to use them.